Ford Racing UK at Ford RSOC – Castle Combe Day – 1st July 2017

Saturday 1st July at Castle Combe and Ford Racing UK attended to show some amazing race cars in a prime spot right opposite the Howard Strawford Cenre. The day was a blazing success and cars on show were EMC Motorsport Ford Puma race car and Ian Scruton with his yellow millennium Puma race car and the original Fiesta Zetec S developed for the Fiesta Championship by Peter Daniels, of Daniels Motorsport. To complete the line up, the Zetec S of Mike Hooper. Both Scruton and Hooper will be out at Crofton 22nd July. Big thank you to all who loaned their cars and attended the day and to the SW RSOC for organising the day.

Lydden Hill – Car Boom

Sat 5th November 2016

A great day out with the Lydden Hill theme day – Car Boom. As far as Ford Racing UK was concerned the 4 x 15 min track sessions at £30 the lot was a no brainer!

Ford Racing UK took a race and road car to the event and had a great time. A bit chilly but some fine displays of other motorsport attractions which included several Daniels Motorsport Fiestas.

New leads and contacts were made at the circuit and we were proud to have been invited to participate. Looking forward to the next event. Thank you Lydden Hill.





Latest News

Donington Park 04 September 2016

The Ford Racing UK Puma had guest drivers out for this meeting. Rob Ladbrook (deputy editor MotorsportNews) and Hamish Brandon (Panda Monium Racing) a leading Scottish Mini Racer. The Friday testing showed some good pace and on the Sunday morning qualifying this intrepid duo took the Ford Racing UK Puma to its highest ever grid spot. 3rd in class. The race saw an unfortunate contact which meant that Rob had to limp round to the pits. Some hard work was put in to try and get the car back out and Hamish took to the fray once more only to subsequently retire the car as it had a deformed back axle which saw the car crabbing. However, both drivers were efflusive in their praise for the Puma Cup Series, the Puma race car and the brilliant way the Classic Sports Car Club ran the meeting. They managed to keep ahead of timetable both days in what was a busy programme. Well done to all involved especially Ian Scruton who ran the car for the team.


The Puma Cup cars run on Dunlop Control tyres, GAZ suspension and Superchips ECU upgrade. The Puma Cup is sponsored and supported by Nextec.



Ford Racing UK Puma out at Anglesey


Ford Racing UK today announced that the forthcoming BRSCC meeting but run by BARC will see the Ford Racing UK Ford Puma out with two drivers to share the weekend driving duties. It has yet to be decided who will take which race of the three race event. The Ford Racing UK car is proving a hit for hire, and now has a line up of drivers expressing interest in the remaining rounds. The Ford Racing UK Puma Cup race car is prepared and run for us by Ian Scruton/Foundation Racing (see )

Puma Cup – Oulton Park 7th May


P1060852 IMG_9131

Ford Racing UK Puma Cup car in action.

Another good display of cars and drivers. 10 drivers made the trip to the glorious Cheshire circuit and the Saturday weather was great – overall. The three session day was spread out for comfortable racing as the Puma Cup joined their Ford XR cousins for this race day. The feedback from the XR Challenge drivers was more than positive with many friendships being made between the two sets of drivers. It seems that our pristine Puma Cup cars were admired and treated with respect on track. The times were not too far apart given that our cars were much heavier.

During qualifying our Puma Cup cars were quick and on pace from the off. Entertainment was brought to the crowds by a huge spin by Ross Morris as he exited Old Hall Corner. It (the spin) was skilfully collected by Ross and he continued as he was passed by Jamie Clare.

In the racing, the continued pace of Ben Eacock was evident, but in qualifying he had to give best for the pole man James Clare. Race 1 saw a good scrap between Colin Tester and Ben Eacock with the latter claiming the win and third going to Marcus Carniel. In Race 2, the Tester speed saw him leading for a few laps before he slipped back and thus Ben Eacock got the Chequered Flag acknowledgement and the win with Carniel second and Ross Morris third.

Our own Puma Cup car was hired out to a budding GT4 driver who was looking to urgently add to his Nat B signature list before the upgrade to Int C in order to race his Aston Martin GT4 for real.
The car ran faultlessly under the engineering/mechanic team of Ian Scruton and Mike Hooper. Other driver clients have now come forward and they are taken with Puma Cup and wish to look at hiring Puma Cup cars for some sensible mini-endurance racing with the Classic Sports Car Club.

Puma Cup ready for Silverstone on 30 April.

Another good entry of Puma Cup cars will be seen out on the CSCC run Silverstone event this coming weekend.

Heartening to note that at least four new potential drivers have been in contact and are coming to look at probably the most cost effective one make racing.

Superb start to 2016 at Snetterton
 taken from website report.

Once again the CSCC has begun the season with a record grid for the club at Snetterton on the 9th and 10th of April 2016, with 334 entries and a total of 443 drivers! Conditions couldn’t have been more different across the weekend, with heavy rain on Saturday and sunshine on Sunday. Given the awful conditions, large grids and drivers reawakening after the winter off season it was exceptional that we are unaware of any car to car contact and no driving standard complaints or judicials. Well done CSCC drivers!

11 April 2016

The first event of 2016 – The Puma Cup arrives – Snetteron 300 10 April 2016

Everyone agreed the 2016 Puma Cup got off to a tremendous start with over a dozen drivers racing at Snetterton. Congratulations to the CSCC for a brilliantly organised weekend and for keeping the event ahead of time. A record entry of over 340 cars were fielded and compared with previous events there was actually a goodish crowd of spectators.

The race went well and many of us learned some valuable skills. 40 minutes is a long time in racing but the drivers to watch were the three who came home in the podium places. So, a well done to Luke Johnson (1st), Ross Morris (2nd), who had been at the front until the very last lap, and Ben Eacock with a stunning character drive from the back to take 3rd. Endurance racing is really exciting, witnessed by the fact the race winners margin over second was just a mere 0.443 of one second.

Luke Johnson - Puma Cup - Snetterton Winner

Luke Johnson – Puma Cup – Snetterton Winner

Ross Morris held the lead until the last lap - brilliant 2nd place.

Ross Morris held the lead until the last lap – brilliant 2nd place.

Ben Eacock drove from the back to 3rd place.

Ben Eacock drove from the back to 3rd place.

Drives are still available and new cars and drivers are planning to be at Silverstone on 30th April. If you want to race Puma Cup is the best way to go.