Ford Racing UK Puma Cup Race Car – season hire confirmed

Ford Racing UK – Ford Puma race car hire deal confirmed.
It is announced today that the Ford Puma race car owned by Ford Racing UK has outline confirmation that the 2017 season will see the car hired to Oxford based company – Automotion Productions Ltd. Company director Dafydd DAVIES provisionally shook on the deal which will see him and a motoring journalist sharing the car for the 2017 race season. Automotion Productions Ltd will run the car themselves with the offer of on event help from Foundation Racing’s Ian Scruton. Ian Scruton has purchased his own Puma Cup car from EMC Motorsport and will be campaigning in the Puma Cup in 2017.
The arrangement is a boost for the Puma Cup as Dafydd Davies confirms that his company will undertake to edit race footage and upload to the Puma Cup race channel on YouTube. Further, that other media copy will feature alongside that being envisaged from another Puma Cup competitor – Rob Ladbrook. It is also proposed to make a one hour reprise of the 2017 Puma Cup season and offer it to MotorsTV as a one off programme at the end of the year. This will help to raise the profile of the Puma Cup even more in 2017. It is therefore essential that all Puma Cup drivers ensure HD cameras are able to supply footage on request of the Puma Cup organisers? We will be using two or three GoPro cameras to capture the angles.
Ford Racing UK is still able to offer a hire and support package for anyone who wishes to race in the Puma Cup. Please contact us for details.
Contact for Dafydd DAVIES – mobile 07880 782154
Contact: Ford Racing UK
01323 895859/07801 594022
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