For Puma Cup competitors.

Thruxton is the first venue for the Puma Cup in 2020. The date for the first race is Saturday 25th July. This CSCC run event already has 400 entries with more to come.
Check out the CSCC website to complete an online entry form. There will be no overnight parking on circuit and COVID-19 rules will be applied to social distancing etc.. There are an anticipated good entry for Puma Cup with over half a dozen looking to race.

+ Fiesta race cars
An invitation to all smaller Ford race cars irrespective of size or nationality.

Come and join the Puma Cup. Register your interest with Ford Racing UK at

Puma Cup - the series for the iconic Ford Puma - and now Fiestas too . . . .
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Ford Fiesta Championship Racing
P1050577 (Custom)
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Formula Ford Festival, 24 October 2015, Brands Hatch
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006_ks15 (Custom)
FCSNW115 (Custom)
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P1050568 (Custom)
P1050576 (Custom)
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Fiesta 012 (Custom)
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restrer (Custom)
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